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       Phoxim 90%TC,40%EC

   Phoxim 90%TC Pesticide registration number:PD20121789

  Phoxim 40%EC Pesticide registration number:PD20120944

  Phoxim 90%TC:Production Standard Number:GB9556-2008

  Phoxim 40%EC:Production Standard Number:GB9557-2008

  Production License NumberTECH and EC:XK13-003-01213

 Chemical name: O,0-diethyl 0-(a-cyanobenzylideneamino) phosphorothioate

 Chemical structure:  

                HS NO 2926909050               CAS NO.: 14816-18-3
   Common name: phoxim
   Commodity name: phoxim
   Chemicalname: O,O-Diethyl-O-α-Oximinophenyl cyanophosphorothioate
   Molecular formula: C12H15N2O3PS

   Physico-chemical properties:
   The pure product is light-yellow liquid.Melting point:5-6℃;It is stable in neutral & acidity,and is not stable in alkalinity & sunshine.Resolved in distillation.Dont dissolved in water.The solubility is 7 mg/L(at 20℃).Dissolved in a variety of organic solvent,and is lightly in petroleum ether.
   Toxicity: It salow-toxinon on higher animal.For big white rat,thacuteoral
(LD50)is 1976mg/kg(female)&2170mg/kg(male);The acut dermal(LD50)
is 1000mg/kg(male).Its poisoning on fish and had a strong poisoning on bee,trichoogramma & ladybug.
   Usage: Its a strong contact insecticide,stomach poison and has a clear effect for larva of lepidoptera, insects of warehouse mosquito,flying and older cotton bollworm,and a long-effect for insects of subterranean.Application on leaf is short-effect and non-remain.Widely used for prevention and cure of insects for cotton,fruittree,vegetable,soyabean,tea,mulberry etc.,such as aphid, thrips,soil,it can prevent and cure of black cutworm, click beetle,peach fruit,borer etc., and dispoes of seed of whear,corn & peanut,also for insects of soil,such as mole cricket,click beetle and so on. Spraying.it can prevent and cure of mosquito and flying etc.,generally,its safe for crop,but its sensitive for cucumber,kidney bean and Chinese sorghum.




  Properties: Red brown liquid, melting point 6.1, vapor pressure 2.1mpa at 20, readily soluble in n-hexane, dichloromethane, 2-propanol, toluene

  Use: Control stored product insects in granaries, soils, mills, vessels, port facilities etc, controls soil-inhabiting pests in a range of crops, including cotton, banana, grain, maize, nut, potato and tobacco.

 Specification:90% technical,40% emulsion

 Phoxim 90% TECH

90 min
0.3 max
Yellowish to red-brown oil liquid.

  Applications: this product is a pesticide with low toxicity to mammal and is also a broad-spectrum pesticide. Especially it has strong effect to pests in warehouse. It is suitable for preventing and curing underground pests. Particularly, it has good effect for preventing and curing mole cricket, grub that are harmful to peanut, soybean and wheat.

 Packing: 250kg plastic drum or iron drum or 200liter/drum

 500ml or 1000ml/bottle*20 or 12bottles/carton,HDPE bottle

  5Liter/plastic drum*4drums/carton,HDPE drum




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