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               Methyl Acetate

     CAS NO :79!20!9, Other name: Acetic acid methyl ester

       Molecular  Formula: CH3COOCH3

       Molecular  Structure:

Physical and Chemical property: Methyl acetate is a colorless, flammable, volatile, aromatic liquid.

    Melting point:-98  , Boiling point:57

    It is slightly soluble in water, but it can be  mixed in all ethanol. aether etc. A mixture of a vapor and air forms the explosive mixture.Its explosion ultimate is (4.1-14)% (volume).

      Uses:It is used in a solvent of  nitrate cellulose 、acetic acid cellulose and spraying   paint、 leatheroid  etc. Its form is distilled from under exist of  acetic acid and H2SO4 heated together.

         Packing: 200L drum , 250kg/drum 

         Plastic drum or  steel drum

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